Lithotomy Endoscopy Drape

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Our drape is a result of recommendations from Urology & Gynecology Operating Room nurses who felt their current drapes did not effectively keep fluids from leaking under the drape or provide adequate coverage.

You will find that this drape is ideal for both Urology & Gynecology services. A pre-attached clear anesthesia screen, 84 sq. inches of adhesive around the fenestration, and extra-long leggings to accommodate Yellowfin Stirrups make this an ideal Lithotomy Drape.



  • Built-in Best Seal Underbuttocks Pouch Gynecology Surgery Suspensions
  • Accurate I.O. measurement Operative Hysteroscopy
  • Impervious blue poly material around fenestration Endometrial Ablation
  • Pre-attached fluid collection Laparoscopy
  • Clear anesthesia screen Vaginal Procedures
  • Extra-long leggings to accommodate Yellofin stirrups

Recommended for:

Gynecology Surgery Suspensions
  Operative Hysteroscopy
  Endometrial Ablation
Vaginal Procedures
Urology Surgery Cystoscopy

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