Litho Drape W/ Built in UBD

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An enclosed draping system that effectively manages fluids during challenging perineal & vaginal surgeries. We incorporated our unique underbuttocks pouch into our very popular Lithotomy Procedure Drape. Our underbuttocks pouch is distinctive from the competitors. It features a built-in screen that allows fluids to flow into the enclosed pouch. Making it an ideal draping systems to collect and manage fluids.


  • One piece design Gynecology Surgery Suspensions
  • Impervious blue poly material around fenestration Operative Hysteroscopy
  • Pre-attached fluid collection Endometrial Ablation
  • Clear anesthesia screen Laparoscopy
  • Extra-long leggings to accommodate Yellofin stirrups Vaginal Procedures

Features Recommended for:

Gynecology Surgery Suspensions
  Operative Hysteroscopy
  Endometrial Ablation
Vaginal Procedures
Urology Surgery Cystoscopy


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