PCNL Drape

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Designed by Urologist to meet the challenges of PCNL and is ideal for both Bilateral or Standard PCNL procedures. The only drape that features two pre-attached fluid collection pouches. Provides Compete Patient Coverage One-piece design Two pre-attached fluid collection pouches … Read More

Lithotomy Endoscopy Drape

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Our drape is a result of recommendations from Urology & Gynecology Operating Room nurses who felt their current drapes did not effectively keep fluids from leaking under the drape or provide adequate coverage. You will find that this drape is … Read More

Litho Drape W/ Built in UBD

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An enclosed draping system that effectively manages fluids during challenging perineal & vaginal surgeries. We incorporated our unique underbuttocks pouch into our very popular Lithotomy Procedure Drape. Our underbuttocks pouch is distinctive from the competitors. It features a built-in screen … Read More