Paul Lingeman, Best Seal Medical Drapes Founder
Paul Lingeman, Best Seal Surgical Drapes Founder

Best Seal Surgical Drapes specializes in the development and marketing of specialty drapes for the operating room. We provide products that are not available from other suppliers. Our drapes are innovative and designed to outperform our competitor’s. We listen to the needs of healthcare providers, and have positioned ourselves in the healthcare market to react quickly and inexpensively to develop new products to meet today’s ever changing needs in the operating room.

Paul Lingeman, founder of Best Seal, has 35 years’ experience developing surgical drapes. His previous company, Lingeman Medical Drapes, was the first to incorporate a Cysto Drape with a pre-attached fluid collection pouch. Additionally, Mr. Lingeman developed the following surgical drapes.

  • Phelan Neurosurgical Table Drape - 1980


  • Percutaneous Procedures Drape - 1984


  • Lithotomy Endoscopy Drape - 1987


  • TUR Drape w/built in finger cot - 1991


  • GYN Surgery Drape - 1996


  • Lithotomy Endoscopy Drape w/ built-In UBD - 1997


  • Impervious Surgical Chair Cover – 1998

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